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January the Tooth! 2008
Holy crap, it is the world that ends! I am update two days in a row!!! (and if this was really a blog you could all laugh and jeer and poke fun in the comments, but it's not so I shall revel in the silencio!

And now, UPDATA! (being mock-espanol for 'stuff what I have put on to the webbernets!)


-Gene, more effervescent than you!

January the 1th! 2008
A pirate!

ARRRRR! Rhino-pirate! experiment!

what is Gangularo?

-Gene, better late than...

September 22nd 2007
It's my wife's birthday, so I really should do some updating!


-Gene, Commenterator!

February 6th 2007

Click to launch in Windows Media Player or right-click to save as...

-Gene, Commenterator!


October 31st 2006
'I was really busy at work today, far too busy to draw this pumpkin boy... so how did I find the time? HOW? I ask you... It is scary, yes?

um... it is a pumpkin boy... all scary like

-The Weregene.

October 24th 2006
Holy crap! Two posts in almost-consecutive days! Have I lost my mind? Well, maybe...Here's a cute shot of me and #1 Danger Son at a short TV thing I acted in a few weeks back. I played the part of William Farquhar, the first Resident of Singapore (that's a 19th Century governmental position). The whole thing was a hoot, especially when I got stabbed! I'll post the video as soon as it arrives.Until then, ...Farquhar and son!

this is a pretty photo with colours and stuff. It really is pretty!

-Gene-Gene, Thespian.

October 22nd 2006
Posting this long after the last update kind've establishes me as a lazy-type person, so I'll now post an aliby where I talk about being busy with the birth of our new baby daughter and my new job(!). I could also post something about being suborned into a black-ops unit based on earth's 2nd moon, but that excuse didn't fly when I was in 2nd grade so I somehow doubt it'll work now...

First things first, my 'radio' drama is up and active.

'Feral Justice Linguistic Theatre:
The Mens' Club (ep1)

can be heard here / downloaded here
(right click, 'save as')
Be warned - the show contains MATURE THEMES
(mostly swearing)

-A tardy and dishevelled Gene
*Remember kids,
swearing's not smart it's cool!

December 30th 2005
WooHoo! I got a copy of The Ad (note mandatory capitalisation) today. Click below to view a rather large WMV (MPEG is here) Remember, it's best to watch alone...
In the dark...
Late, late at night...

-Ur-Gene, frozen in time!

December 27th 2005
Kaiju no Go-Gene!
He walks like no man! He is FEAR INCARNATE! Tremble now at the horror that is... GO-GENE, The Marauder!

-Gene, le monstre gigante!

October 4th 2005
Comix, sweet comix!

-Gene, drawer.

September 22nd 2005
It's my sweet wife's birthday today, so I'm celebrating wiht a small update. First up is a pic from the adventures of my very funny son, who learnt why you shouldn't jump on the bed (the drawing explains all). The second image is a first for me on this site, it's the beginning sages of a new comic. Being the boehemian I am, I tend to jump right in when I'm writing a new story. What you see here are the first two pages of a comic about cowboys... and stuff.

-Pappa Gene

September 18th 2005

New homepage illustration today. Celebrating the oft-maligned, rarely seen millionaire vigilante, Captain Nocturnal. I'll have more of The Captain's adventures up soon!
Oh, and this still isn't a Blog! Really.

-El Gene-eaux.

August 28th 2005

I've uploaded a bucket of new stuff, including some new audio on the VOICES page, and the following illustration, UI devleopment, logo and animation...


I'm hoping to get the comics up soon. I promise, I promise...

-The Gene.

August 23rd 2005

There's a new animation in the DESIGN section.

Oh, and i drew a cat, in green crayon:

(who am I, but a man with a dream?)

July 28th 2005

We came back from sunny South Korea weeks ago, and I've finally finished finagling the new homepage, based on a shot taken from la bus d'speeding in the middle of the Seoul Night.

Not too many updates beyond the new homepage, but there'll be new Danger Gene comics SOON in the ILLUSTRATIONS section.

(who am I, but a man with a dream?)

June 1st 2005

WooWoo! There's a new batch of pics from our StarWars dress-up party (whichwas just the other week) over in the ADVENTURE section.

play nice now, y'hear?


May 3rd 2005

And so work continues on the rusty old website. There's new content in ILLUSTRATION, DESIGN, and ADVENTURE (click-away and be amaz'd).

I'm contemplating moving the HIDDEN NEWS page up into this scrolly box (which is also new, by-the-by), but for the time being I'll leave it hidden, (a-la those munchy easter eggs on the DVDs that all the kids like these days).

I hope you like the new bits and pieces. I like them. If I didn't I wouldn't put them on my site, I'd put them on someone else's site and then pretend they did it and then I'd laugh at them publicly. All the while crying secretly at my personal shame (no, not THAT personal shame, the other personal shame).

Yeah, that's what I'd do.

~ Gene-eaux!
('this is not a blog, son')

October 15th 2004

...because everything is better when it's 'e'. Isn't it? Anyhoo, this is my site with all the fun and crap that that entails. Please, have fun traipsing around my virtual* backyard, poking at the closetted skeletons and generally laughing, not with me but... oh, um... There are now COMICS in the illustration section, and there'll be more soon! So sit back, take a load off (or even a lode) and I'll be back after these messages from our sponsors to tell you more about what the hell I've been up to and maybe even give you some tips and links along the way (cos everyone else seems to do stuff like that! Yes, I AM derivative, why do you ask?)

~ Gene-o!
(*virtual' means 'make believe'

July 3rd 2004


SUPER ginchy! The domain-ette is up and sputtering!

Okay, so you're perusing the webernet and you trip over a lump in the carpet. Lo-and-behold, 'tis moi!

That's right, you just fell over and scuffed your knee on my little chunk of digital vanity, so have a look through the salons, have fun and if you're looking for something more, well, click on the Danger Gene logo at the top of each page to open a fresh email thingy.

And while you're prowling through the rooms, I, Gene Whitlock, illustrator, designer, voicerator, adventurer and all-round devil-may-care kinda guy, will be your humble servant, host, &c &c &c.