The voice-work on this animation is done by me (as was illustration, design and animation).

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I've been making funny voices since primary school when I was part of the choir in a production of 'Oliver!' (I got in trouble from the ghoulish Choir teacher for making up funny characters during the breaks. Bleh!). Since then I've dabbled on and off the stage, and in film-making in both amatuer and professional productions.

From this dabbling I've managed to develop those dramatic talents. Puting them work in the form of professional voice work! Since 1996 I've been acting, narrating and generally having a good time doing voices for all sorts of things!

While working at Skymedia, I was a little too vocal about the requirements for voice talent and was roped into the production myself. I played the ongoing role of 'Paul' (of the SkyKids, who were also my creations) in the company's educational CD-Rom series for more than three years! I was also integral in supplying an wide variety of characters of different cultural backgrounds (read: accents) and different ages, from young to old.

Since then I've provided character voices to a TV Pilot (not optioned) with Chinarunn films (Forever Fever), and narration and character work for a LARGE number of Computer-based training courses for Singapore's MINDEF, SNP's Multimedia division, Universitas 21, SPMA, Levis Struass.

I recently completed work on an English dub of a long-running Japanese children's cartoon, but right now that's all up in the air until we hear from the production office.

I don't actively seek out voice-work (I'm too busy with real work, and being a daddy!) but it is a LOT of fun and if anyone is looking for a multi-faceted voice-talent, I'm your man!